Kriya Shakti Shiksha

Children have a lot of energy. It must be utilised, channelized and engaged positively. We train our students to activate their kriya shakti through yoga, kallaripayattu (martial arts), kreeda(games), krishi (agriculture), house construction cloth making; kumbharike (pottery), shilpkala(woodwork & sculpturing) & swimming.

Iccha Shakti Shiksha

Feelings define a society. A stable society is one wherein its denizens are trained to control their senses and mind. Our traditional education systems emphasised on nurturing the feelings of the students. We do it through our rich heritage in form of stories from Hitopadesha, Dashavatara, Ramayana, Mahabharata; through kalas such as Tabla, Hindustani Sangeeth, Venuvaadan, Bharatanatyam; Painting; Knitting; Crotchet & Stitching; Nataka etc.

Gyan Shakti Shiksha

To develop the intellect, we have a blend of traditional and current subjects such as ganit, jyamiti, vigyan, bhugol, itihaas, bhashas (samskrita, kannada, english). We have more than 250 listed experiments in physics, chemistry and biology. Our academic curriculum connects with NIOS curriculum at the age of 16 (grade 10 equivalent).