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Key Features

Every child learns differently. Some learn through experiencing, some by applying logic and reasoning while some other feel and learn. Therefore, each child needs one-on-one attention. To support this education philosophy, we have restricted admissions and created a selective criteria for the process.

Key features of admissions at Vidyakshetra

  • Throughout the year, we have 3 to 4 admission events, called ‘Parichaya'.
  • Interested parents to fill the ‘Parichaya Registration Form’ given below and you will receive a call to attend the next ‘Parichaya'.
  • Students between the age groups 4 to 21 study at Vidyakshetra. However, we are open to admission of children between 4 to 10 yrs of age group only.

Admission Process


Both parents attend 'Vidyakshetra Parichaya'.


Both parents to fill in the 'Parent Reflection Questionnaire' which will be sent to interested parents.


Teacher interaction with the parents


Child observation


Home visit

Parichaya Registration Form

Guidelines and Procedures

  • Arriving ‘on time’ for the parichaya program is expected.
  • Both parents attendance of parichaya program is mandatory for admission. 
  • Attendance of latest parichaya is only valid to take the admission process forward. 
  • While visiting Vidyakshetra for parichaya, please park vehicles only in designated areas. 
  • The entire admission process may take about 6 weeks. 


What is the minimum age for admission at Vidyakshetra?

4 years and above

What is the maximum age for admission at Vidyakshetra?

11 years

How much time will the entire admission process take?

It takes about 6 weeks.

Do you provide transport facilities?

Vidyalaya does not provide transport. Parents get together and take turns to drop children.

I live in HSR layout as my company is in Electronic city. Can I admit my child in Vidyakshetra?

We have a policy restriction that a child cannot travel beyond an hour on daily basis. We have a residence policy restriction of 20km radius from Vidyakshetra. Therefore, you may have to shift residence.

We have a 2 year old daughter. Can we attend parichaya now and get admission next year?

Yes, it is possible.

Financial Model

No fees but dakshina

In a progressive society, everyone strives to gain superior knowledge. In uncontaminated state, such knowledge is transmitted from the heart of the guru to the heart of a sincere student & it transforms him forever. Such is the power of knowledge. But this power can be tapped only when it is uncontaminated.