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Why give Donation?

As per Sanatan Dharma, Anna (food), Aushadhi (medicine) and Vidya (education) was never be sold. When sold, education is contaminated with greed. A contaminated education cannot give birth to sustainable future, which we want to see in our children. We want to impart education in its purity to children and thereby enable them to become knowledge seekers. This is the first principle.

The second principle is that we don’t charge fees. This is to provide possibility of this type of education for children from all walks of life. Thanks to this principle today we have children from city, towns & villages; parents who are weavers, teachers, farmers, IT professionals, small, medium and big businessmen etc.

The third principle is that of “trust”. We trust in the goodness of people & society and have been running the Gurukulam since 2016 on daan and dakshina, where parents give Guru dakshina to the best of their ability and the gap is filled by collecting daana from friends and well wishers of Vidyakshetra. Vidyakshetra is a registered trust with 12A and 80G certification from IT department. We request your whole hearted support to enable more and more people to become an Acharya and more such effort to come up across India. For more information, you may read a blog on this topic written by Vidyakshetra founder Muneet Ji on this topic.