About Us


It’s been 75 year since India got its independence, yet the education system in India is not its own. In 2010 the founders, Muneet Dhiman & Preethi Dhiman, returned back to India from Germany, to spend remaining part of their life in their motherland and were on the lookout for an ideal school for their child – a school that is imbued

in Bharatiya samskruti, imparting the right value system and building the character of the child; where the child learns to learn and where the school actually focuses on holistic development of the child. This search led them to acharyas like Indumati Katdare Ji, Ravindra Shramaji, Rishikesh Mafatlal Ji, Narayanacharya Ji, Govinda Prabhu Ji and many more. Also, they visited more than 25 educational efforts across India – Gurukulams, Sri Aurobindo schools, Krishnamurti Foundation schools, Gandhiji’s schools, Montessori schools, Waldorf Schools, some regular CBSE schools and some IGCSE/IB international schools. While most of these efforts were praiseworthy in pockets; while some were alternative & imparting holistic education till 7th or 8th grade; some others were western in their approach and outlook. Some were not holistic in their curriculum and pedagogical approach and today’s regular IGCSE/IB/CBSE schools across the nation were still operating on the Macaulay model. Most of the schools were result-centered, highly competitive in nature & thereby compromised the indepth learning of the child. Hardly any schools focused on character development or holistic learning of the child. Needless to say, barring a few gurukulams, there was hardly any school which was anchored in Bharatiya samskruti, culture and practices.

After some study and research into schooling methodologies, pedagogy, curriculum etc spanning for over 6 years, on Vyas Poornima of 2016, they founded Vidyakshetra Gurukulam along with Biswaksen Patra and few other teachers.


Our Vision

  • Bharatiya Shiksha Model.
  • Vritti focused education.
  • Panchakoshatmika Vikas.
  • Connected education: Vyashti, Samashti, Srishti & Parameshti.
  • Acharya nirman.
  • Sustainable interdependent community.

Holistic Education

Learning through Panchakoshatmika Vikas holistic
development of the child is possible.

Annamaya Kosha

Focuses on physical development of the child. Natural living environment in the for form pure air to breath and water to drink; pure and natural food to eat; healthy daily, weekly and annual rhythms of life.

Pranamaya Kosha

Nourishing and balancing the 5 types of airs in the body which takes care of the entire body including nervous, respiratory, digestive, reproductive and circulatory systems. Developing good habits. This happens through yoga which includes pranayama.

Manomaya Kosha

Addressing the feeling realm; understanding relationships with family, friends, society, country, world and nature. Developing skills for listening and empathy; balance between sympathies and antipathies.

Vignanamaya Kosha

Developing intelligence. Seeing interconnectedness and interdependence. Capability to analyze and synthesize scientific, economics, philosophic principles and will be able to see and appreciate the integrated view. Excellent decision making and discrimination skills to choose correct against convenient. Understanding universal principles and living by them.

Anandamaya Kosha

Seeking the Truth and realising it. Seeking true lasting happiness. Living out of spiritual impulse. The state of wholeness, of integration with the moment and with yourself, encompasses the inner sheath of anandamaya. When anandamaya is peeled away, we reach atman – our very centre.